21 June 2009

Paul Guillagme reproduction

When I got the 'phone call, Daaad I need help, the same sort of call I get from both my daughters every now and then, I knew I was in trouble. You see Kimberley, the mother of 2 of my Grandsons, is a BA FA Hons Dip ED and she comes up with some good-ones. This time it is a reproduction canvas she purchased on EBay from Switzerland. So off the local hardware with her for timber for the stretcher, then to KMS to cut, chamfer, mitre joints, glue and sanding, then it's to work with the staple gun. I just love doing this with her, you see I did this for 4 years while she worked on her Degree with the rough tools I had at home, now I do it at the SHED and have her pose while I take the Pic's.

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