10 December 2007

Christmas Party

The Kincumber Men's Shed celebrated Christmas in 2007 on a Monday.

In keeping with the ethos of the shed the event was held with in the shed itself. This allowed the event to be held at a time that suited the members, after a considerable discussion in the toolbox meetings leading up to the event.

This event was also an opportunity to show off the achievements of the shed during this inaugural year. Not the least of which was the fit-out of the interior by members and supporters. The addition of the mezzanine and the enclosed room were clear progress, but so too were benches and air cleaners, shelves and tool boards. Lets not forget that having a storage shed outside also allowed for some floor space to hold this Christmas Party and the diligent efforts to ensure the place was swept clean and cleared of hazards. Also and not the least of considerations, finally having an operational (and private) toilet on site meant that all could be comfortably accommodated within the shed.

The event included members, their spouses and partners, supporters and sponsors, community and charity groups that have benefited from the shed and an open invitation to member of the Kincumber and Central Coast Community.

One focus of the event was the donation of wooden toys cut out, assembled and painted by members of the shed. These toys were donated to the Central Coast branch of Aunties and Uncles. They were represented by Felicity Suters (Wyong) and Michelle Parish (Gosford) who indicated that these gifts would be ideal for inclusion in one their projects the ... Christmas Basket Brigade Appeal .. that would be packing the baskets on the following Saturday, at a local school for distribution before Christmas to local children in need.

The Christmas Party was well attended by members and community representatives who were updated by Dave Eaton on the status of the shed, the many projects that had been successfully achieved during the year and some outlook for the future. Jack Nixon represented the Shed for the toy hand-over to Aunties and Uncles. Ernie Lawson entertained us in song and one of the members wives thanked the Shed for providing such and excellent opportunity for health and happiness to the men of Kincumber. Even if that just meant keeping them from "underfoot syndrome" at home.