28 April 2009

To Turn a Bowl

Alan H is now turning that piece of wood that was in the rubbish bin which he cut, glued, stacked and clamped. You can now see it on the lathe where he is attacking the outside with chips flying everywhichway. We will keep you posted as he goes.

Reduced Table Size

A Parishiner from The Church found that this table was now too large so, Alan H took to it with saw, router and turned new legs then Phillip C with colour and spray gun to finish it off to their high standard of work, then it was off home with big smiles. Great work Men.

16 April 2009

To Turn a Bowl

The KMS 'Supremo', Alan H. is demonstrating how an old piece of timber that is just lying around can be turned into a Bowl on one of the Sheds lathe. These pictures show the piece of timber and then cut into smaller pieces, glued, stacked and then clamped. Wife Fay and Alan are now off to South Australia for 2-week holiday, thanks to 'Kevin',so we will keep you posted as the work progresses.

15 April 2009

The Mobile Mens Shed

"The Mobile Mens Shed" for The Central Coast and The Hunter Area Men Sheds is nearing completion. This shows the Lathe just waiting for the 'Wood-turners' and their tools to start on Camphor laurel, that wonderful wood for turning and the tree being a major threat to our environment. The hand over should be later this month.

Movable Chook Run

The KMS was asked to make this movable chook run for the ECHO garden in the precincts of the Neighbourhood Centre at Kincumber. This will be used for a day run for a couple of chooks so the children at the preschool next door can watch the chooks have a good scratch in the soil of the garden, Peter had great pleasure in building this run.

Treasurer at work

Graham B., the KMS Treasurer, is hard at work at his desk doing reconciliation of the March 09 account from our local Mitre 10 store. This account shows that the shed has used the last of the grant received from the Bendigo Bank Kincumber, the Members thank the Bank for their support over the last 2 years.

14 April 2009

Big Mack Timber Truck

Dave B. was an electrical contractor until his accident over 2 years ago which left him unable to continue with that work. He was recommended to the KMS and, at that timi he inherited from his late father his entire woodworking tools. So not only 1 of 3 electricians we have as members who do small jobs in the Shed. Dave also has made this Big Mack Timber Truck that is 1800cm long and will be soon on Ebay.

03 April 2009

Myna Bird Traps

"A bird in the cage is better than two at large". This could well be the motto of the Central Coast Indian Myna Action Group Ltd. On Saturday 7th March, in cooperation With Kincumber Mens Shed a display of traps & information on the eradication of this species was exhibited at the Shed in conjuction with the regular Car Boot Sale. Ray, a relative new member of the Shed has agreed to undertake the construction of the Myna Bird Traps which will be distributed by the above organisation . Ray was also responsible for obtaining the signs & setting up the display. For details re please contact Mr.Peter Blyth 0419 491 501 web http://www.ccimag.asn.au/.
by Don House

Men at work

These men are serious about their current project fitting out a trailer to be shared by various Mens Sheds on the Central Coast and The Hunter Region, to promote awareness of the shed movement in the area. The Mobile Shed will be equipped with a woodlathe, Scroll saw & various pieces of equipment to demonstrate some of the activities carried out at the Sheds. The Trailer will be taken to various community activities such as fetes & shows. Here we have Mick & Allan working on a Saturday to put the roof & cladding to the trailer. The work has been in progress over the last few months with contributions from Phillip & Charles doing the rust proofing & painting and Dave is currently working on the interior fit out. All of the above tasks are completed with enthusiasm & good humour which exists in the Shed community. It is expected that the Trailer will be ready for use in a few weeks. Don House.