30 August 2008

Green Point

Peter Jessop and Alan Eaton were manning "the Shed" stand at Green Point Community Centre. The Community Gala Day attracted a large gathering successfully culminating in a recital by the "Signing Hands Choir" a group of women that 'sing' with their white gloved hands.

Volunteer groups were well represented, Fire Brigade, SES & Red Cross. The U3A, demonstations of mosaics and other crafts (like the Shed) give opportunity for learning in the community. The Benevolent Society and community centre itself represented community building and family support services.

Courtesy tea or coffee with scones & jam and for those with a heartier appetite, a free sausage sizzle.

Fed, watered and entertained, no wonder everyone went home smiling.

28 August 2008

San Remo Lathe

Shed approved and already a wood-turners lathe for the San Remo Community Men's Shed. Amazing what happens when the group is no longer "shedless", albeit only a slab on the ground right now.

San Remo Shed wishes to thank the Kincumber Men's Shed for the referral on the Wood Lathe.
George loading lathe on the trailer.

Kim Hopkins and George Collie met with Thelma at Woy Woy and loaded the lathe onto a trailer for the trip to San Remo. Thanks to Lloyd for his assistance with unloading. Thanks to George I for the storage space and thanks to Rob Giles for his assistance in clearing the area for storage. Thanks also to Alan Hagan who inspected the machine and graciously allowed us to keep such a fine machine for the new shed.

Teamwork in the shed and among the shedders.
That's what it is all about.

26 August 2008

More fame

Pippa from The Benevolent Society, came to the shed, had a chat with some of the chaps, took a few photos and wrote up the story for The Benevolent Society newsletter, The Family Net-works.

"The Shed" & Peter appear in the Spotlight Section, a full two pages telling the story of the shed and the men that make it work for the community.

Click on each of the pages here for the full story.

18 August 2008

Garden growth

Ernie's veggie garden is showing definite signs of growth. Despite the struggle to tease a few centimetres of growth from during the winter months, the styrofoam boxes are now starting to burst forth with the fruits of Ernie's labour.

All this, from the "Back Garden" while Ernie was busy putting together the Ornamental Southern Garden, with Distant Vista Sitting Bench. And all in time for the Official Opening.

Well done Ernie!!

Last Ship Built in Kincumber

Peter Jessop was so excited about the book that details the shipbuilding in the local Kincumber community. So he asked our resident shipwright, Les Verity to construct a model of the last ship built in the local yards.

There is an extant photo of the ship from which the model was constructed. To find out more, find borrow or steal a copy of the Shipbuilders of Brisbane Waters NSW.

The author, Gwen Dundon, spent 11 years researching collating and writing the book that captures this construction of the "last ship built in Kincumber".
Rock Lily c.1906

Kincumber Men's Shed will make a presentation of Les Verity's model of the last ship as a promotion of the book, a poignant reminder of local history and an example of the varied skills of the Kincumber Men's Shed.
The Shipbuilders of Brisbane Waters NSW [ISBN 064628082] Gwen Dundon, published by the author 1997. A comprehensive study, based on years of research, of ships and their builders at Brisbane Water from 1829 to 1953. Details of 500 vessels, 56 shipbuilders, and hundreds of owners. Profusely illustrated. 6000 entries in three indexes. Will be a standard work of reference for many years. Hard cover, B5, 336 pages, 218 illustrations, indexes.

For more information or to order, email Gwen Dundon.

The last vessel built at Kincumber Creek by George Frost was the Rock Lily launched in April, 1906. There is a photo of the Rock Lily being built here. The pages of the Kincumber Neighbour hood Centre has some more history of the local area.
Les Verity was also careful to point out that model should be photographed similar to the photo of the the ship, that is from the "superior side". This is a common convention in representing ships in either drawings or photographs. The "superior side" being the side facing as if the ship were travelling across the field of view (or page) page from left to right. The captains cabin is generally located on the "superior side" of the vessel.

Metal Mowers

Now the engineering shed is operational, there are all sorts of new ways to work with metal.

Lathes a spinning, welders a sparking, benders a bending. Its all action in new room.

Theres even small engine repairs going on, with a lawnmower getting the treatement.

11 August 2008

Officially Open

Richard Brownell officially opened the Kincumber Men's Shed in a ceremony that applauded the achievements of those that have developed this important community facility. Over a hundred guests included members of the Shed, the local Kincumber Community, Shedders from other Sheds, local community workers and some distinguished guests invited to see the ceremony to celebrate the opening and see "The Shed" itself.

Distinguished guests included -
  • Belinda Neal (Member for Robertson),
  • Chris Hartcher (Member for Terrigal) and
  • David Harris (Member for Wyong)
The plaque, temporarily mounted inside the Church auditorium for the ceremony, was unveiled by Richard Brownell, Chairperson for the Regional Board UnitingCare Ageing, Hunter, Central Coast & New England, and organisation that has contributed significant funding to establishing the shed and encouraged the development from the earliest concept.

Prayer of Dedication

God, bless the building of this shed.
Bless the tools which chisel shapes and objects of creativity.
Bless friend and stranger who come within these walls.
Bless the efforts of mateship and friend-making.
Bless the spirit of community partnerships.
Bless the dreamers, the grant-givers and the people who wove this dream into reality.

God, may the fruit of this vision burst into life bringing friendship, skill-building and a strong sense of purpose within this community of Kincumber.

written and read for the Kincumber Men's Shed
by Rev Heather Coombes, UnitingCare Ageing

AMSA Clustering

As guests where leaving and the BBQ being packed away the diehard shedders remained on in the meeting room of the Kincumber Men's Shed for an informal Central Coast Cluster meeting.

The Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA) is building a regional structure among the many independent Community Shed's.

John Connor (KMS), David (Windale), Ted Donnelley (President AMSA), Wally Morrison, Ruth van Herk (AMSA), and the photographer Kim Hopkins deep in conversation about the cluster structure, issues facing sheds and the successes that make the extra effort worthwhile.

Programmed Opening

Kincumber Men's Shed gives a huge vote of thanks to the UnitingCare for the support in ensuring that the opening day was a credit to this important community facility.

A special thanks to Samantha Holt, UnitingCare Hunter for her assistance in ensuring that the invitations and programmes were full of impact. The professional layout and production ensured that Kincumber Men's Shed was well branded, in keeping with the quality of workmanship for which the Shed is known.

Samantha also assisted in ensuring that important guests and representatives of the community were invited. This included ensuring that they were addressed in the ceremony and included in formal and informal activities on the day. An important part of ensuring that the vital community work at Kincumber Men's Shed is highlighted throughout the Central Coast community and supported where needed in its development and operation.

The programme/brochure included the story of the Kincumber Men's Shed along with photos of the shedmen at work and some of the articles produced during their industrious hours at The Shed. A tribute really to the leaders and the workers and those that make it a welcome place in the local community.

09 August 2008

Official Opening

Don't be forgetting the Official Opening Ceremony for Kincumber Men's Shed this Monday Morning -


11 August 2008

11 am

parking available in Forest Reserve

07 August 2008

Winning Signs

The Kincumber Mens Shed were asked to make signposts by The Benevolent Society for a display at the their Annual All Staff Conference.

The Signs were a big hit on the display for the Lower Hunter and Central Coast Regional Area of the Benevolent Society.

The signs were in fact so good that they contributed to the Central Coast and Hunter team winning the runner up prize. This was particularly important as it gave the team an opportunity to thank the Mens Shed for the excellent work on the signs .... and to raise the awareness of the Mens Shed movement among the over 800 (mostly female) community and social workers at the conference at Everleigh Confernece Centre.... [possibly the biggest Mens Shed ever built :-) ...]

Click on the photo and maybe you can spot Peter Jessop in the background.. ... but .. where's Wally?

Well done guys ..
another quality project

winning the shed

acclaim and recognition!!

A special thanks to
John Connor and Alan Hagan
for their work
making these signs.

06 August 2008

Tidy tools

The metal shop is coming together as the larger equipment is installed, restored, repaired and brought up to the high standard of the Kincumber Men's Shed.

At the same time hand tools and equipment are being prepared for use. Cleaned, identified and placed on tool boards ready for use.

Remember to return tools after use. If the tools are where they are supposed to be it saves time on the job.

If you use it, put it back... !!!

Parks & gardens

Ernie has spruced up the new garden area at the southern end of the shed. The final layer of redwood chips has been raked out and looks a treat for the opening on monday.

Ernie was busy with the aid the community worker preparing the final plantings so that the gardens will all be prepared.

With pots and decoration recovered from Junktastic Park and the addition of borders the garden has a very professional finish. The addition of a meditation bench set at some distance gives the garden the aspect of a larger park with monumental rocks set among groomed and structured lawns and pathways.

A real credit to Ernie's skill and energy !!

Toys in chaos

Lining the shed has been a time of considerable chaos. Every fixture and equipment machine has been moved, rearranged and returned to service. Tools moved, stores rearranged and benches repositioned. Equipment has been moved to the machine shop, stores to the mezzanine and amid all this chaos. . . Frank has continued assembling and painting the toy graders and trains.

Frank is always ready for a chat and the occasional seat inside where the heater can warm up his hands. However, he is determined to finish those toys that were cut out some months back but never progressed to the finished stage.

I think Frank might just be competing with Phillip for the most items completed as Phillip is closing in on completing the last of the 300 Hospital Art frames.

Birthday boy

Jack Nixon has a birthday but the guys at the shed couldnt think of anything to buy him. With all those wonderful toys to play with at the shed .. what more could a bloke need. . .

well maybe a cake and few mates to share the day with!!

Happy Birthday, Jack .. and thanks for all your quiet achievements around the shed.

05 August 2008

Sign in

The book is hard to miss as its located right as you walk in the door.

Sign the book ... its not just polite, its not just a visitor record .. its also an OH&S requirement. . .

Sign in ..........................
.....and ....
........................... Sign out !!!

and your gold coin donation
on each visit
keeps the essentials paid for!!

Thank you !!

04 August 2008

TEMS work start

Wyong Shire Council invited community groups that will be using the site at The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre (TENC) to an afternoon tea. This included the members of "The Entrance Men's Shed" (TEMS) Steering Committee.

The afternoon tea was to celebrate the commencement of work on Phase 2 of the TENC project. Somewhat dismayed by the removal of all mature trees. Community members asked that some consideration be given to retaining trees that would not be in the way of site development.

Whilst the TEMS Steering Committee is pleased to see work commence on the site, it will still be some time before The Shed will be operational. Building of an electricity substation, roadworks and landscaping will take some time before the Shed is even underway. Looking at February or April of 2009.