29 October 2009

Medieval Castle in the making on a bench.

Brad has taken a break from his 'ADF Cadet' training aids to build this 'Medieval Fort', Christmas gift for a Grandson,He is working on the same bench as Allan E,(see small sail boat), could be a contest who will be finished first,just great work from both of them.

27 October 2009



Dear Members,

As one of the founding team of the Kincumber Mens Shed, and one who has had a passionate drive
to see this very worthwhile Community facility give birth and grow into what we have today, all of you,
its members, have every reason to be very proud of your achievements todate.  It is very hard to step
aside, and hand the baton to a new driver to take KMS to new levels of success and achievements in
serving its members and the community it serves.

Many of you have been aware that I had a number of external pressures on me which meant I was not
able to give KMSS the time it required in the role I accepted. I have been very conscious that I was
not fulfilling my responsibilities. Recently I have recieved medical reports that have added to my life
pressure.These require immediate attention and will mean less time availablity for KMS, over the next

I have given the whole matter a lot of soul searching and in the interests of the KMS I wish to resign
from my nominated role as Coordinating Chairperson.  I will remain a general member. I am more than
willing to play a consulting role, if and when required, as time permits. I also need to resign as the KMS
delegate to the Central Coast Sheds Cluster Group.

Thank you ALL for your friendship, your advice, your appreciated input and at times robust discussions,
in the last 3 years.  It is my sincere hope that as my pressures subside, I will be back to enjoy working
at KMS as an ordinary member.

Thank every one of you for a great experience at KMS.


25 October 2009

It aint 'The Queen Mary' but its well made!

Alan E is hard at work building this little Sail-boat for a lucky Grandson,it has to be finished by 12th December (could be a Christmas present), stick at it Alan,you will get there.

06 October 2009


Al the builder has finished the doll's house

and is ready for raffling at the davistown RSL