20 February 2009

Clean Up Australia

The KMS will assist with the Clean Up Australia Campain on March 1st. Kincumber Men's Shed have a BBQ, gas & tools. Also to assist Kincumber Bendigo Bank are provicing a a fold out Cabana for shelter.

There will be a least 3 Kincumber Mens Shed members attending. So with provided snags, onions, bread and butter, and drinks-hot & cold to feed the hordes all will be well on the day.

12 February 2009

Peters ambo ride

Peter, our fearless leader, was somewhat overcome with the excitement after the Second Anniversary celebration at Kincumber Men's Shed.

Under the watchful eye of the men from the shed, they insisted that he receive the best of care and called an ambulance to ensure that all eventualities were covered.

Of course this was despite the loud protestations from Peter and his entreaties that no fuss be made of him.

He is pictured here laughing with the Dave and Alan whilst being loaded aboard for his limousine ride.

Reliable reports are that he was resting comfortably at home today and will be out and about tomorrow ensuring delivery of the Piano Trolley.

11 February 2009

Bendigo Bank make bushfire relief easy

Martin Creesey and Siona Taylor are shown here taking the Bendigo Bank to the community by collecting donations for the Black Saturday appeal for Victorian Bushfires.

Set up on a card table under the new awning Siona collected over $500 in less than an hour after the official festivities of the second anniversary of the Kincumber Men's Shed. These funds will be placed in the account for the Black Saturday relief fund.

If you have further donations call at the Bendigo Bank and make a contribution.

Thanks Siona and Martin for your support of The Shed and making it so easy for our members to help those in such obvious need.

Ernie's Garden

I have been given the honor of presenting an award on the occasion of the official opening of the Kincumber Mens Shed Garden. At one of out Tool Box meetings it was discussed in our usual democratic way, it would be nice to establish a garden at the shed.

From memory I believe it was Ernie Lawson who first promoted the idea. As is very often t
he way, at our Toolbox meetings, one has to be careful, as the instigator of an idea, usually gets the job to do. This was the case with Ernie, he puts his hand up quite a lot at our meetings with
some thought provoking comments & suggestions, done in his somewhat devils advocate, humoruous & engaging way.

Ernie got the job.

He started at the back of the shed with some foam boxes filled with soil & planted seedling & cuttings. This went ok for a while but he was hampered by lack of watering facilities & a dry season. At this stage things looked really bad for the future of our garden. I think anyone but Ernie would have given up.

After the engineering shed was completed it was suggested that the space beyond the new section would be a better place to establish a garden. This gave Ernie fresh entheusium & with the help of the Community Service guys, along with Joe Homer with the Bob Cat, John obtaining a tank Alan, Kevin, Doug, Hopper & many others with help & advice he brought the garden to its present state & with great prospects for the future.

Ernie, we love your company, we love what you have done with our Garden & would like to present this award & ask you to unveil the Plaque & open the

written & spoken by
Don House
on the occasion of
Kincumber Men's Shed

Gosford Men's Shed

Laurie Maher had the opportunity to advise on progress for the Gosford Men's Shed during the Second Anniversary celebrations for Kincumber Men's Shed.

This new shed will be adjacent to the new Coast Shelter restaurant in Mann Street Gosford.
The new Gosford Men's Shed will use an existing building with quite a large space to set up the workshop area.

Davistown RSL awning

Davistown RSL Club
have been a longstanding and keen supporter of the Kincumber Men's Shed. The President of the Club is pictured here responding to the thanks from the men of Kincumber Men's Shed for he awning that they have funded.

Everyone at the Second Anniversary were amazed that the morning before there was no awning and yet it was complete by noon.
Having an all weather outdoor sheltered area will give the Kincumber Men's Shed more useable area and place to chat on days of inclement weather.

Many thanks to Davistown RSL !!

Armful of Toys

Feliciy Suters and Michelle Parish of Aunties & Uncles, provided an update on the distribution of toys from the Kincumber Men's Shed. Peter was MC and Don representing the team of men that work on these wonderful creations from The Shed.

Michelle & Felicity always leave with arms full of toys for the best kids on the Central Coast.

What a great way to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the Kincumber Men's Shed.

09 February 2009

Ernie's song

Ernie with his wobble board singing "Tie Me Kangaroo Down" at the Tool Box meeting.

Good act, but not quite up the standard of his last performance when he did an impersonation of a well knwn & infamous Dictator, complete with a black moustache.

Top marks Ernie, ToolBox meetings would not be the same without you..!

Don House.

photos by Alan Eaton
& Don House