25 February 2008

Alan's Award

Alan Sparkes works relentlessly to meet the demands of both setting up the shed and ensuring that the fundamentals are in place to complete projects taken on by the shed.

He has put in a huge effort to ensure the shipping container was prepared and ready to accept the items for storage. Not only working on the container with welder in hand up on top but also taking the raw metal rods and turning them into steel racks purpose built to accommodate all the excess materials.

The members had decided to award Alan a turned wooden bowl in appreciation for his efforts. Alan was unable to attend the 1st Anniversary function where this presentation was to take place.

So at the Toolbox Meeting we ambushed Alan and presented him with his much deserved bowl, a small token of appreciation for his many hours of tireless effort on behalf of The Shed.

22 February 2008

No Hiding in this Shed

Peter Jessop and Dave star in the Central Coast Express Advocate article by Alison Buckland. For a larger (readable)  version of the article click on the photo.

20 February 2008

KMS First Anniversary

This is a collage of the first anniversary of the Kincumber Men's Shed. Click on the image for a larger view.

North Lakes Men's Group

Eleven of the men from the North Lakes Mens Group gathered early in the morning at the San Remo Neighbourhood Centre, loaded themselves onto "Sluggo" and travelled down to join the Kincumber Men's Shed anniversary.

Seen here are Richard Huston, John Finlater, Tom deLauney and Rob Giles enjoying the BBQ cooked up by Joe Homer and Tom vanDam from Kincumber.

The NLMG guys eagerly sought information from the established Kincumber Shed as they are embarking on setting up a shed in the near future. No-one minded the ribbing about being "shedless" when there was so much to learn about an established operation.

The northerners giving a cheery farewell to the Kincumber shed.

North Lakes Men's Group
First and Third Wednesday of every month
at the
San Remo Neighbourhood Centre

Contact phone: 4390 7888

First Anniversary

An enthusiastic crowd attended the First Anniversary of the Kincumber Men's Shed. The attendance of members and local community supporters was supplemented by members of The Entrance Men's Shed (TEMS) and North Lakes Men's Group (NLMG). NLMG travelled down by bus to join in the festivities and enjoy the bbq on the lawn in front of the shed.

19 February 2008

KMS history comic - inaugural year

Here is a short image history of the shed with comic captions. Prepared prior to the first anniversary to remind us all of the phenomenal progress wrought on the site of the Kincumber Men's Shed in just 12 busy months.

Although the shed is a place of much industry and activity, there is also a place for humour and cameraderie among the saws and drills.

16 February 2008

Wally's Mallet

This is the part made Mallet to be awarded to Wally Morison at the Kincumber Men's Shed first anniversary celebration.

07 February 2008

Blokes Book

Something new on the scene for chaps on the Central Coast, the Blokes Book. This book contains advice, anecdotes and contact information for men's services throughout the Central Coast.

John Roberts and Robert Boyle from the Benevolent Society can be contacted for further information or to obtain copies of the book .

04 February 2008

Bicycle Wheelchairs

Here is a pic from the daily routine in the shed that captures some important moments in time.

Centre photo are the recycled bicycle parts that form elegantly into wheelchairs. These wheelchairs were developed at Mary Mackillop Men's Shed for export to Cambodia. There are most appreciated there where lost limbs are common from residual landmines.

One aim of the Kincumber Men's Shed is to assemble these chairs and within a partnership arrangement transport them to a central collection for delivery overseas. It is one of the drivers for having the metal work shop up and operating.

This photo also captures Don House handling one of the Hospital Art Frames. Production of these frames stepped up from this point to meet the required number.

This photo also shows the recently installed stair to access the mezzanine and the safety handrails.

The photo also captures the interim phase where the large cutting table is being deconstructed to make way for a number of more serviceable benches.