31 March 2008

Shed extension

The after some discussion, the toolbox meeting today voted to extend the Shed. The cost has been investigated and comes within the current funds of the Kincumber Men's Shed.

The motion was carried on a majority vote by 16 of the 17 members present.

The extended section will provide an area to expand the funcionality of the shed beyond woodworking with the intention of dedicating the new area to metalwork and associated endeavours.

28 March 2008

Dad's Day Out

Peter Jessop, Kim Hopkins and Frank Parker will attend a stall at the Dad's Day Out at Kibble Park to promote the Kincumber Men's Shed.

This is a great day out for the family. Come along bring the kids or grandkids and enjoy the festive atmosphere .. !!

24 March 2008

Sign up - sign in - sign out

Visitors and members will have seen this sign on entering the shed and of course strictly adhere to it on every occasion. (won't we)

Sign In - It is important that on arriving at the shed each visitor or member signs in . This may seem a trivial request but it does have implications for compliance with insurance requirements.

It should also be a reminder, each time a member signs in, that that's the time to drop a gold coin in the red box. These small sums mount up quickly with the number of chaps attending the two sessions a week now. Making that small donation keeps The Shed in petty cash and helps the shed remain viable.

Sign Out - so that there is a record that you have left the environs of The Shed. Now we are working a garden, a metal shed and a mezzanine there are plenty of places for a member to go missing. Once again being disciplined about this is important not only for insurance regulations but also for personal safety.

Sign Up - for a minimal $5.00 per member there is no reason not to be a member and to ensure all members are insured whilst using the shed please ensure that this financial transation has taken place and the paperwork completed. (or Peter will hunt you down)

07 March 2008

Blokes Card

The Benevolent Society has prepared a Blokes Card listing useful phone numbers on the Central Coast for men who might need a little help when things go a little wrong or become totally overwhelming.

These are an excellent resource for distribution to men and if your centre or group needs further supplies contact the Benevolent Society's MARS project.

Artful rehab in our hospitals

Here is a story from the local press about the end product of one the Shed projects.

The chaps put together the frames on which the canvas is stretched for this artful endeavours in the hospital.

It has taken some time to get a jig that meets the specs for the 300 odd frames that the Shed will produce this year. But now the process has been streamlined the chaps are producing the frames in a speedy manner with an electric nail gun donated by Bunnings.

06 March 2008

Watershed Umina

Umina Shed have brochure circulating to invite men to their shed.
Are you doin' it tough mate?

If you're male, over 18 years old and could to with a little mateship - come join the Watershed!

Meet new mates, learn hands-on skills ... its all free!

Surf & Sausage Sizzle!

When: Regularly during March & April 2008

Where: Umina Beach

How: 1 weekday morning per week

Cost: It's FREE! - Limited numbers availale

Contact: Anthony "Smiddy" Smith 4349 4819

03 March 2008

A Realistic Vision for Kincumber Men's Shed

What has been achieved so far?

  • Kincumber Uniting Church provided land for a shed.
  • A 12m x 10m shed built and operational mid-February 2007 (just 10 weeks after DA approved by Gosford Council)
  • Finalising fit out, insulating and sound minimisation continues, with benches and woodworking equipment and tools installed and operational
  • We are currently opened 2 days per week (Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am and working towards potential 6 days)
  • We have a partnership with "Youth Connections" working with marginalised youth from High Schools.
  • We are developing opportunities for ongoing projects for the Shed.

What is the Vision for activities down the track?

  • To have the Men's Shed potentially opened 6 days a week
  • To introduce Shed use for handicapped people
  • To introduce Shed use for Indigenous people to use equipment and facilities
  • To introduce Shed use for women to learn skill s uing shed equipment
  • To extend the Shed for metalwork projects
  • To explore and continue to consult intensively with community groups to develop potential introduction of any new activities
  • Continue sourcing resources to improve the Shed's potential

What are the needs for the Kincumber Men's Shed?

  • To have the Kincumber Men's Shed promoted and visited by potential users
  • To develop a pool of volunteer teachers, mentors and supevervisors
  • Higher utilisation of Shed by: Hobbyists; retired and regular working persons; men & women; Handicapped persons; indigenous persons; Youth seeking access and acquiring woodworking skills
  • Funding sources for materials, equipment, tools, facilities, utilities & maintenance
  • Funding to expand Shed activities, including metalwork projects
The most important thing is not necessarily having a shed but what goes on in the shed!

02 March 2008

Men's Sheds throughout Australia

Men's Sheds are opening throughout Australia. Almost everywhere Men's Sheds have opened they have met with incredible success and have been of great value to their communities and regions. Participants are emerging stronger, more equipped to meet the pressures of everyday life with a confidence and purpose, knowing the mateship and helping themselves directly and indirectly helps themselves and others through every day living pressures. Some comments from men who have benefited from being involved with men's sheds. . .

"I know what it's like to suffer hardship and health issues so I saw this as my chance to give back and help other men who might have been in similar situation to myself. The concept of men's sheds is needed now more than ever before".

"Having a Men's Shed allows guys to meet other blokes, share a cuppa, have a talk with mates and unburden themselves as they realise they are not the only one facing a challenge".

"Dads, husbands, sons and grandfathers are no longer going to ther backyards but are meeting with other men to chat, share and build whatever suits their fancy..."

01 March 2008

The Men's Shed in Kincumber

The community recognised the need for a men's shed and Kincumber Uniting Church responded by providing the land on which a men's shed has been built.

Why do we need a Men's Shed and what are they about?

A Men's Shed provides a place for men, also for women and youth, to come together in a workshop "hands on" environment, to work or play on their own projects, learn new skills and enjoy mateship. It also provides an environment to help others, particularly marginalised youth who, through no fault of their own, have grown up in a home environment without a stable male role model. Many of the older men will have the opportunity to become mentors to younger people. Opportunity exists for both young and old to be involved in community projects.


One mother said recently ... "my husband committed suicide when our two young sons were at the most vulnerable stage in their lives, puberty; leaving them in total shock and bereft of a male role model to show them how to become men. Rather than developing as confident young men ready to face the world, both remain emotionally immature and fragile and unable to cope with the responsibility manhood demands of them".

The Central Coast - A Growing Population

The Central Coast is one of the fastest growing areas in NSW. The Census of 2001 showed that the Central Coast grew by a staggering 23% while NSW as a whole grew by only 10%. It is anticipated that by 2015 the population of the Central Coast will be 347,500 an increase of 51,000 on the 2001 Census figure.

An increase in population on the Central Coast will bring with it increasing health-related problems especially for marginalised young men.

Men ... an endangered species

You may or may not be aware that men are fast becoming an 'endangered species' in the 21st century! The escalating problems with men's health, social isolation, loneliness, depression and suicide are now the major men's health issues. A recent survey indicated that there were 10 million consultations in a a twelve month period just to deal with men's mental health issues alone and this is staggering.

OH&S Policy

Kincumber Men's Shed

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Conditions for Working - Using Shed

Occupational Health & Safety Procedures are required by Law

All persons, ie, members or visitor, using this facility have a personal responsibility and duty of care, to be aware of the OH&S regulations and to work and act within these requirements.

The Kincumber Men's Shed administration will endeavor to advise all members / users about the OH&S requirements, and conduct any training as required. the OH&S Manual for KMS members is available at the Shed for information. Members have a personal duty of care and responsibility to be aware of the OH&S requirements and to act accordingly.

Members have a duty of care and responsibility to ensure the KMS is a safe place, and to minimise any risks to members/users, using the Shed.

Members are encouraged to identify any potential risks and bring them to the notice of the member or user exposed to the risk, and advise the nominated Day Supervisor, and/or the administration of the Shed, the risk and/or actions required.

OH&S is everybody's responsibility

First Aid

Robert Whittaker who has an excellent knowledge of first aid and entertaining delivery of training material, gave eight of the chaps at the shed a full first-aid course.

Now with so many trained in what to do when things go wrong nothing will ever happen again. If its does there will always be a first-aid officer on duty and ready to hand.

Rob has been in, around and part of the marine trade for the last 20 years and has racked up over 50,000 offshore miles cruising and racing around Austalasia and the Pacific. He lives and breathes being on boats and indeed lived on board his own 60 foot ketch with his family for more than 9 years.

Rob was a trained Para Medic with the NSW Ambulance Corps for 12 years and has been responsible for the development and implementation of Getaways Marine First Aid Course.

Rob is now Chief Training Officer for Getaway, overseeing and developing new courses and reviewing old ones. Rob is also an accredited examiner for The Australian Communications Authority and a qualified instructor for The Australian Red Cross.
The following members of the shed are now qualified in first-aid. If a situation arises where you need assistance, whilst at the shed, do not hesitate to ask for their assistance...

Nevile Wald
Alan Sparkes
Doug Gordon
Don House
Len Johnstone
Ross Murry
Jim Nicholson


Kincumber Men's Shed acknowledges the substantial funding from Uniting Care-Aged and generous sponsorshp of both State and Local Government, Clubs, the Bendigo Bank, local businesses and others with generous donations of tools and equipment.