25 June 2006

Katoomba Mobile Shed

Katoomba Men's Shed have developed a mobile shed. Well at least its temporary even if it isn't mobile. The men from the local shed were out promoting their project and men's health during the Winter Magic Festival. You can see they are wearing the warmest of clothes as it has even been known to snow for that final touch of winter magic.

Trevor Donnelley (centre) and the
Katoomba Mens Shed mobile shed.

The Winter Magic Festival is held every year in the main street of Katoomba to coincide with the winter solstice. Local residents adorn themselves in all manner of fancy dress for the occasion. The stalls of commercial sellers and promotional exhibits lend a busy atmosphere that is supported by parades, displays and music all through the day. At night the music and dancing picks up for an evening of revelry.

24 June 2006

08 June 2006

Suggested Interior Layout

The 'Suggested' Kincumber Men's Shed Interior Layout.

This was based on two premises..

1. Dimensions of the Shed
10 x 12 x 2.7 meters

2. Inclusion of a Mezzanine similar the St Vinnies Woodwork Centre in West Gosford.

03 June 2006

Internal layout

An early plan of the shed that includes proposal for the internal layout of benches toilet and work areas.

02 June 2006

Concept Model

An early concept model preprared to show how the site would look with a Men's Shed in-situ on the grounds of the Kincumber Uniting Church (KUC).

Although gabled in the opposite direction and more open than the eventual shed it was a good attempt at giving the idea of the physical structure of the shed. Set adjacent to the pre-existing KUC sheds, amid the open lawns and in front of tree lined perimeter, no wonder the community was keen to progress this valuable community asset.

01 June 2006