23 June 2008

Polishing Book

Although it might look like a shoe-shine box... in reality it is a polish of another quality that this toolkit is all about.

Phillip is a qualified french polisher and this kit holds just about everything he need to finish off any piece of furniture. You will see from many of the blog entries here that he has had a hand in the completion of many jobs that that needed that finishishing touch.

Phillip is showing the original handbook of french polishing from which he learned his craft in the Technical College system of the time. Just to show its authentically ancient, the price for the book is a grand total of 9 shillings and 6 pence.

Phillip admits that techniques and skills have changed much over time. However, this book remains precious as the basis of all that he leared to base his skill and the adaptations that made it possible for him to work successfully in the profession over so many years.

Pianola piece

Phillip has helped to finish off this excellent piece of furniture.

Well it sure looks excellent now that it has been restored and ready for its it primary purpose. These photos snapped while waiting for the "pianola piece" to be carefully loaded into a vehicle for transport home.

Phil has repaired and replaced the door, painted the black exterior and done up the inner shelves with a fine hand.

The chest is for the storage of piano-rolls. It sure is an excellent piece of furniture now !!!

Rigging the Lily

Don and Les Verity were discussing how to restore wonderful old model ship, the "Lily".

Apart from restoring the fine old hull to its former glory with a good clean, there a whole lot of rigging to renew and a whole set of sails to fit.

A fair bit of work involved but when its finished, it feel even better to have it in the renovated condition that such a proud model deserves.

Les and Wally are never far away when there is something nautical in the shed.


This might look Jim has finally trapped the worst of the curmudgeons in the Kincumber Men's shed. However, it was just a demonstration of the Mynah bird traps that he has used successfully in his back yard.

The prototypes were taken off the work line and used for demonstration at the shed. There was majority agreement to build at least two traps for use by the shed members. This has allowed purchase of materials for commencement of the project.

19 June 2008

Rattan Rocker finished

The Rattan Rocker that has featured on this blog in recent times has been completed. You can see Phillip proudly showing off the end product. Quite a few members have contributed considerable time to stripping the chair down, repairing the frame and preparing this fine old rocker to its former glory.

Jim was quick to offer his services as a quality tester and jumped in for a go.

Ultimately, the chair was destined for Micks abode and has since been transported to its new home. Mick has tested the rocker in-situ and declared that its not only a fine old chair but brilliant restoration project by the Kincumber Mens Shed.

The walnut finish matches well with the existing furniture in Micks living room.

Well done lads, mission accomplished !!

18 June 2008

San Remo DA advertised

The Development Application (DA) for the San Remo Community Neighbourhood Centre was adverstised in the Central Coast Express Advocate today.

17 June 2008

Rattan rocker

Phil was putting a walnut finish on the ratan rocker this morning. Phil has decades of experience in the furniture industry and skills as a french polisher, just the man to put the finishing touches on this fine old rocker.

Phil has set the rattan seat and back as well. As he explained, the rattan cane must first be thoroughly wet before inserting and gluing into the frames. The cane is then made taut by pressing a rim down into the rattan, setting this also with glue. The final tension is then obtained by placing the frames, with the rattan trimmed, out into the sun for drying.

16 June 2008

Lathe active

Jack Nixon was hard at work this morning repairing the motor and tuning up the donated metal lathe.

He was not the least disturbed by the gyprock intallation taking up half the Annex or the many hands working on this task, nor the accumulated Metal Shed materials and equipment crowded up. He focussed on the task at hand to get the lathe working.

Not only did Jack make the lathe operational. He immediately set about making the bearings required for the competition wheels so loved by charities on the central coast.

Toolbox tales

Heres the scene in the Toolbox meeting this morning. As usual, there was much to discuss. Everyone has a say and its standing room only these days. Get in early for your cuppa and a seat before the main action starts.

gyprock magic

Kevin, Jim & Doug were hard at work this morning putting up the gyprock.

Peter and Wally returned from a visit to the local High School surveying with some envy, the equipment and layout of their workshop.

Peter was amazed that the lining of the Engineering Annex had progressed from one sheet set in place to the entire Annex almost fully lined by the end of the shed morning.

Doug has done such a brilliant job that he will start on the main shed next ... gyprock already waiting ... it will be done in a flash !!

Door surrounds

Phil has obtained a large number of cupboard door surrounds from a local business that no longer required them.

These would be excellent as their original use with appropriate inserts. They would also make excellent frames for photos and mirrors.

These are stored up in the mezzanine for now. If you have an idea or a specific use for these excellently presented timber surrounds, don't hesitate to have a chat with Phil or Wally.

05 June 2008

Wyss Guys

The Angela Basso of the Wyong Stroke Support group called Peter Jessop to find out more about The Shed, with a view to having some of their rehabilitated chaps join in with the Shedders.

Kim Hopkins attended the group on Thursday morning at 1 Hamilton Place in Wattanobi to provide background on what goes on in the shed, answer questions on Shed activities and discuss common activities for the Support group and The shed.

The Wyong Stroke Support Group
(The WYSS guys)

A voice for Stroke Survivors and their carers

WYSS is a group of stroke survivors, carers and community members living in the northern part of the Central Coast. WYSS welcome all people interested in stroke survival to the group.

WYSS aim to -
  • provide a meeting place for stroke survivors, carers, friends and family.
  • promote an integral source of companionship and encouragement for both stroke survivors and carers

include -

  • Lunches and picnics
  • Monthly movies
  • Book Club

Awareness raising

WYSS understand the integral part carers play in helping people recovers from a stroke and welcome you to the group.


Meetings offer the chance to catch up, listen to speakers, share in discussions and have some morning tea with the WYSS Guys.

When ...
9.30 am to 12 noon
1st Thursday of the month
(except January)
Where ....
Watanobbi Community Centre
1 Harrington Close

Cost ...
$2 .. morning tea provided.

Contact ...
Jackie Galbraith
4353 0303

Angela Basso
4399 3899

Stroke Recovery Association
1300 650 594

03 June 2008

Double action

After that overcrowded Toolbox meeting this morning, the Woodwork Shop and the Engineering Annex were both buzzing with chaps working hard on projects and consumed with conversation in equal measure.

Anthony turned up with a trailer load of bikes to spark the enthusiasm of the metal work team.

Another team went off to put up the Kincumber Action Team Banner. . . . and not to forget .. Ernie hard at work in the gardens.

With so many projects in play its hard to keep track of it all to record on this blog. However, it is a testament to the vibrant culture of activity and inclusion in The Shed.

02 June 2008

Banner Hung

Here are Wally and Peter hanging the "Supply means Supply" banner in Frost Park. The 6m x lm banner sponsored by the Kincumber Action Team now presents its message to traffic travelling east along Avoca Drive.

Its taken some time to design and purchase but is now actively presenting its message against underage drinking.

Thanks to Mick for tools and ladders to ensure it was safely and securely installed upon the brilliant Banner Frame built by The Shed.

Here is Peter Jessop showing off his handiwork...

Standing room only

The Toolbox meeting today was overflowing with new faces. At last count there were 24 blokes around the table. It was most certainly standing room only .. maybe there are more blokes coming in for the Engineering Annex.

Good to see the meeting room filled to capacity ... maybe its time to expand of put in tiered seating.... just kidding!!