13 November 2005


Congregation Meeting of the Kincumber Uniting Church agreed to Kincumber Men's Shed.

13 October 2005

Cottage Meeting

Cottage Meeting about Kincumber Men's Shed resolves to ascertain needs in the community of Kincumber.

21 June 2005

Make Friends. Live Longer

Research by the Centre for Ageing Studies in Flinders University, South Australia suggests that a network of close friends is more important than close family ties in prolonging life among older people. Click on the title of this post to access the original article.

22 May 2005

Shed houses support for rural men

Shed houses support for rural men

Posted Sun May 22, 2005 6:33am AEST

A campaign has begun in rural New South Wales to establish a series of men's sheds where retired or lonely men can gain skills, friendship and help.

Representatives of nearly 20 towns from around the state have attended a seminar at Grenfell, in the state's central-west, to see how a men's shed is operating in a disused railway goods shed.

Men from the town are provided with tools and equipment, a lounge area to relax in, as well as health advice and counselling.

Organiser Len Wallace says many Australian blokes need a shed, particularly as the drought takes hold.

"There's a lot happening out there, emotionally and in people's lives which hasn't surfaced yet," he said.

"You know, guys are not real good at getting some things off their chest.

"There's a lot of pressure on a lot of fellas out there at the moment."

Mr Wallace says the idea is not just for rural areas.

"Men are men no matter where they are and they all suffer from the same issues," he said.

"From a bloke's perspective, their role in society now is basically undefined and that's more so with a lot of younger males in society.

"You'll find they no longer know what their role is."

30 April 2005

A bright idea

Peter Jessup, visiting Grenfell, had the opportunity to see their Men's Shed in operation. It dawned on Peter at that time a Shed would be the ideal project for Kincumber.

....and so the idea was born.