24 November 2008

San Remo by night

The San Remo Community Men's Shed is well lit at night and makes a interesting study with the camera during this construction phase. The Neighbourhood Centre forecourt is well lit from on high and this illuminates not only the trees and parking area it also lights up the Men's Shed. How good will it all look with Christmas Decorations?

The men from Tri-Steel have been a little thwarted by the rainy weather. However, their steady progress means a locked up shed is not far off now.

Like a bush "Cathedral to Carpentry", with "Spires of Steel", the shell of the shed as it now stands looks magnificent among the trees. Industrial aesthetic meets illumination and nature.

20 November 2008

Retaining at The Entrance Mens Shed

Dropping by The Entrance Neigbourhood Centre occasionally provides the opportunity to see the progress towards the conctruction of The Entrance Men's Shed. Up until now not much physical activity on the building was visible. However, today there were more than profiles and disturbance of earth.

Here is construction for real. This retaining wall will support the concrete slab for The Entrance Men's Shed. The foundation for the building. An historic day in the long journey to provide a facility to support men in the local community.

19 November 2008

San Remo Community Men's Shed

Tsugio, George, Rob and Jim reviewing progress on the San Remo Community Men's Shed, after having their hearing checked during the group meeting in the Neighbourhood centre.

Construction is progressing as fast as possible given the inclement weather.

18 November 2008

Restless Radio

Who else was up at 4 am restlessly listening to early morning radio....

when young Ernie the gardener was on the broadcast waves...

singing the praises of the Kincumber Men's Shed ...

good on you Ernie ...

but get some sleep!!!

Construction Day

San Remo shedders covered all angles keeping an eye on the construction of the San Remo Community Men's Shed.

George turned up and captured video from early in the morning to any time during the day ... and inside the wire only because it was assembly day not construction zone. Keep out now or the men from Tri-Steel will let you know!!

Kim turned up with big camera to capture some of the action ... soon to appear on the San Remo blog ...

Don turned up mid morning to check out the action and see the culmination of work that started from meetings quite some time back now.

Finally, seeing the outcome of many meetings, discussions, drawings and financial analysis makes it all worthwhile

Pity George the First did not make it down today. However, his wife Barbara was eagerly taking photos with her new camera to keep him up to date on progress.

17 November 2008

San Rem Community Men's Shed

Erection of the San Remo Community Men's Shed commences today, 10 am Monday, 17 November 2008.

12 November 2008

school desk

The guys have spent a lot of time restoring the school-desk for the local butcher.

Who would have thought that Phil could get those tired old wooden boards to come to life like new timber.

The school-desk entered the shed in a dilapidated condition and after a rebuild, a sand back and recoat ... its fit for use in a school.. well probably not a modern day school. However the shed had on hand two
recalcitrant schoolboys who probably deserved the cane many times over and Charles was eager to get in on the act.

08 November 2008

Dowsing day

John the Mynah trap maker, took time off from the wiring and trap making. He was wandering about the front of the shed with two white plastic coated wires.

Dowsing for water is an ancient art and John was experimenting on the front lawn... at least he found the wetland!!

Not to be outdone Alan and Kim had go at dowsing for water around the shed ... if you ever run dry... give them a call.

07 November 2008

Parker UN

Frank Parker has reason to be proud with a son working for the UN Peackeeping force.

The photo taken from the magazine article that tells the about his son Ian Parker, his role with UN Peackeeping forces and his hard work and effort that has brought him to this role. Just ask Frank, he will be glad to tell you the full story.

Congratulations to the Parkers !!

a brush with the shed

Jien brought a small wooden table along for his first visit to the shed today. The crew had him stripping the old surface back with a sander and varnishing the surface before lunch.

The surface was dry enough to take the table away after some sandwiches and coffee. He also has a kit of wet and dry paper, a brush and some stain to finish off the surface tomorrow.

possum buckets

John Connor was hard at work today creating more micro-possum boxes... here are three of the finished products with swivel lids, handy entry holes and hanging chains they are all ready to go out into the wild...

just how many micro species
do you have in the backyard John?

04 November 2008

Hunter Men's Sheds

Roger Greenan - 4948 8618

Peter Torenbeek - 4990 1198

Fort Scratchley
Bill Hopkins - 4933 6692

Hawkins Village
Bob Walker - 0408 962 496

John Hubbard - 4934 1030

Salamander Bay
Allan Sams - 4984 7718
If all else fails contact
Hunter Region Men's Sheds Cluster Coordinator
David Helmers
0400 729 000

Central Coast Sheds

Kincumber Men's Shed
Peter Jessop - 0412 223 363

San Remo Community Men's Shed
San Remo Neighbourhood Centre - 4390 7888

The Entrance Men's Shed
Kevin Armstrong - 0425 854 586

Terrigal Men's Shed
Bob Watson - 4381 1995

Peninsula Men's Shed
Peter Lemay - 4343 1237

If all else fails contact
Central Coast Men's Sheds Cluster Coordinator
Kim Hopkins 0414 855 943

03 November 2008

Handbags and glasses

Who would have thought such innovation in the shed. When asked Les Verity was only too able explain the little shelf he has installed in the loo..

The "wee" shelf, (pun intended) is for the placing of spectacles whilst attending to ablutions. Peter, ever the engineer, requested a personal modification from his wifes suggestion. The hook beneath the "wee" shelf is for the hanging of handbags.

Mystery solved it is a "wee" shelf for glasses and handbags.

Toying with accuracy

Len is hard at work here ensuring that the prime-movers and the trailers all match for height and pin centres.

With Aunties and Uncles eager to have their hampers filled this year with toys from the Kincumber Mens Shed the push is on to have working and painted toys ready for the Christmas Hamper program.

Antique Indonesian

Charles was working on a small Indonesian side table. The wooden joints had started to separate so Charles was placing shivs of timber in the gap and gluing the joints back to full strength. At the same time Phil was preparing paints and varnishes to ensure the colours of the finished job would match the dark wood of the original carvings.

This small table was purchased in Indonesia about 50 years ago so it will soon be an antique ... and lovingly restored to its former glory.

Eggcup tower

At least it looks like an eggcup tower!!

Fascinating what a woodturner will turn out and leave laying about the shed ... beautiful pieces individually... aesthetically unique as a collective tower .... or are these a new programme at the shed for men's brekkie of soft boiled eggs and tea before work!!

Mobile Mens Shed

This may look like a well loved trailer that has earned a rest from its hard labours. However, it is in the process of being renovated to become the Mobile Men's Shed to promote Men's Sheds throughout the Central Coast and Hunter Region.

With funding from the Benevolent Society and the excellent skills of the Kincumber Mens Shed team this will be ready for fetes, fairs and community events throughout the region.

Many thanks to Tom Van Dam for the donation of the trailer and the generous transfer of title and 12 months registration.