07 June 2007

Manasseh Frost's house, store and post office, circa 1912

Manasseh Frost's house (left) was built circa 1901, at the time when he married Catherine M. "Maud" Murray.

The Post Office Extension (centre) was built circa 1905, and the Cash Store (right) was added soon after.

In 1945 the operation of the Post Office was taken over by William George Humphrey, at a new building located further west. This "new" Post Office was in use until the 1990's and still stands on the corner of Avoca Drive and Davies Street. The Cash Shore shown above operated until the mid 1930's.

Manasseh Frost died in February 1956, aged 92 years.

Standing (L to R): Mrs Amelia Triller Frost, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Frost?,
Maud Frost, unknown, unknown

Children seated (L to R): Clarrie Riley, Alan Frost, Nada Frost, (Mrs Atkins),
Marjorie Frost (Mrs Yarnall), Doris Frost (Mrs Tincknell)

The building still stands in the grounds and its rear is visible from the Kincumber Men's shed.