31 January 2009

Shed Schedule

The shed is now open 4 days a week.

The members toolbox meeting on Wednesday 28 January 2008 decided that the shed should now open a fourth day in the week. This follows the record attendance on Monday morning of 38 shedders.

Kincumber Men's Shed is now open -

Monday - 8.30 to 1pm
Tuesday - 8.30 to 1pm
Wednesday - 8.30 to 1pm
Friday - 8.30 to 1pm

30 January 2009

Tireless Trio

Here is a tireless trio of blokes who are always working at the shed. Don't stand still with these men in work mode. Frank will turn you into a piece of furniture, Ernie will plant something on you or Phil will paint you. So keep moving.

Even after the jobs are done, these men will vacuum the shed, clear away their projects at the end of day and keep the Kincumber Men's Shed looking just like the active, professional workshop that it is.

Garden furniture

The addition of a table and benches has created a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle of the working shed. It is a welcome addition to Ernie's Garden.

The garden furniture was donated after a discrete enquiry, transported to the shed, restored with some tender loving care and repainted to look like new. Another great team effort.

It was a little hot sitting out in the heat today, but Ernie assured us that there will be a shade umbrella available for important occasions.

The garden is looking well watered, well tended and well presented, as ever, a tribute to the dedication of out gardener Ernie.

Parker Furniture

Frank is working on repairs to a chair today. Rebuilding the wooden structure and finish will take a while. Then he chair is going off for reupholstering.

Frank was telling us that it will be worth the effort to get this one right, it will look great in the end.

(can't wait to do a before and after shot on this item)

Pencil place

Looking for pencil. . . just look for them somewhere in Australia. A novel way of keeping the pencils in the country ??

So if you are looking for pencil there they are standing tall in the woodlathe corner of the shed.

Plaque mount

Phil has created a mounting panel for the "Official Opening" plaque. In this photo he is showing the plaque to Peter J and John C and discussing where it will be mounted about the shed.

28 January 2009

Saving Water

John's mate had a water tank that was excess to requirements and agreed to donate it to the Kincumber Men's Shed. Not shy about taking the opportunity, the tank was transported to the shed, foundations built and the tank settled into a new home.

It didn't take long before the outside was clad in the colours of the shed to make it more inconspicuous, the downpipe diverted to provide water and the entire installation made operational.

The tank is now full and ready to conserve water. A timely addition to the shed in the hot weather of current days.

13 January 2009

KMS Second Anniversary

The Kincumber Men's Shed celebrates its second anniversary on Wednesday, 11 February 2009.

If you plan to attend please RSVP to
Peter Jessop on 0412 223 363

or email by clicking here.

Have a look at some photos from the
first anniversary celebration here.

07 January 2009

Tank Slab

John Connor has sourced a watertank for his mate at Niagra Park.

The foundation pad was poured last month and if the initial are any indication Doug Gordon had a hand in preparing this for the tank to sit upon.


One of the neighbours has put up multicoloured banners above the fence over the holiday period. They make a colouful backdrop to Ernie's Garden.