03 March 2008

A Realistic Vision for Kincumber Men's Shed

What has been achieved so far?

  • Kincumber Uniting Church provided land for a shed.
  • A 12m x 10m shed built and operational mid-February 2007 (just 10 weeks after DA approved by Gosford Council)
  • Finalising fit out, insulating and sound minimisation continues, with benches and woodworking equipment and tools installed and operational
  • We are currently opened 2 days per week (Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am and working towards potential 6 days)
  • We have a partnership with "Youth Connections" working with marginalised youth from High Schools.
  • We are developing opportunities for ongoing projects for the Shed.

What is the Vision for activities down the track?

  • To have the Men's Shed potentially opened 6 days a week
  • To introduce Shed use for handicapped people
  • To introduce Shed use for Indigenous people to use equipment and facilities
  • To introduce Shed use for women to learn skill s uing shed equipment
  • To extend the Shed for metalwork projects
  • To explore and continue to consult intensively with community groups to develop potential introduction of any new activities
  • Continue sourcing resources to improve the Shed's potential

What are the needs for the Kincumber Men's Shed?

  • To have the Kincumber Men's Shed promoted and visited by potential users
  • To develop a pool of volunteer teachers, mentors and supevervisors
  • Higher utilisation of Shed by: Hobbyists; retired and regular working persons; men & women; Handicapped persons; indigenous persons; Youth seeking access and acquiring woodworking skills
  • Funding sources for materials, equipment, tools, facilities, utilities & maintenance
  • Funding to expand Shed activities, including metalwork projects
The most important thing is not necessarily having a shed but what goes on in the shed!


Anonymous said...


Someone's put a lot of effort and energy into getting content into this site. Great work!

Just a thought. Being interested in the Shed concept I was trolling through these fine blog entries and stumbled across gems like this vision and the FAQ on 20th April. Not to be critical but, these sort of documents belong in a central place accessed from the front page. Sure, they can/should be discussed. But is there somewhere more central to access such stuff? It wasn't obvious to me - but I frequently miss the obvious :-)

Kincumber Men's Shed said...

Dear Anonymous.

Thanks for the positive and constructive comments.

I have added the "realistic vision" as a link like the FAQ is in the "Highlights & Links" area on the front page. It is placed low on that Home Page, and may need to be separated into internal info pages and external links .. but thats going to be when I have a few spare minutes.

Thanks for reading about KMS. editor