29 June 2009

Busted Bowl

Alan H asked today, when are you going to put more on the Blog.

Well have a look at this Alan, a bloke I know was working at turning this Bowl and 'Wham', bits went everywhere .

Thanks for reminding me Alan.

24 June 2009

Brian's Project, can you work-out what it is?

Brian has a project where he is using Forest Red Gum (Eucalyptus tereticcornis) and Huon Pine (Dacrydium franklinii). He is cutting them into 10mm strips, they will be glued and clamped then put through the thickness machine to 9mm. We will show you more pic's as the project moves along. You can see that 1 of our members has been to Bali, not bad cold on a Hot Day.
Can you work out what it will be ?
I know.

22 June 2009

Why the BIG SMILE on Alan?

I was looking at some Pic's I had on File and had a close look at this one. I noticed the Big smile on Alan's face. On thinking about this, I realised that Alan had spent that much time on doing up the Old trailer to look like this, He was so very Happy to see it go.
Here He makes sure John Roberts connects it up safely.

Where Members Rarely Look!

This is behind The SHED, Ernie and His helpers are in the process of fixing this Area, we will keep you posted on the progress, check it out next week.

Look what David did with that timber on the jointer

Look what David did with that piece of timber off the jointer last week. He glued and clamped, then sanded and stained the finished the job.
Good one David.

21 June 2009

Paul Guillagme reproduction

When I got the 'phone call, Daaad I need help, the same sort of call I get from both my daughters every now and then, I knew I was in trouble. You see Kimberley, the mother of 2 of my Grandsons, is a BA FA Hons Dip ED and she comes up with some good-ones. This time it is a reproduction canvas she purchased on EBay from Switzerland. So off the local hardware with her for timber for the stretcher, then to KMS to cut, chamfer, mitre joints, glue and sanding, then it's to work with the staple gun. I just love doing this with her, you see I did this for 4 years while she worked on her Degree with the rough tools I had at home, now I do it at the SHED and have her pose while I take the Pic's.

18 June 2009

Caught just having a chat

Jack and Dave were having a quiet chat in the Metal Workers annex when I butted in, sorry men ,I'll let you get back to it .

Morning Tea at Kincumber Mens Shed

This picture says it all.

The start of a Dolls House project.

Bob at the Router, it's the first cut for the making of a Dolls House which will be a raffle prize at the Davistown RSL Club, which is a sponcer of KMS.

New Member David at the Jointer

David is a new member and hasn't taken long to start on a project for home.
Here you see him working at the Sheds jointer machine.


These two members are doing their own thing, you can see that they both are a study in Concentration

Display cabinet for Macmasters Beach Garden Club

Big Jim and Grahame are putting the Finishing touches to the Display Cabinet for the MacMasters Beach Garden Club, which is to be installed on a wall inside the Surf Club at Mac's.

KMS makes it's own packing tape dispenser

John has made this dispenser for packing tape.
If you want one of these contact KMS.

Drainage work at rear of KM Shed

Ernie, the KMS Gardener, had a problem with drainage so, off to the local quarry for 2 tipper loads of recycled concrete. The Sheds 2 young helpers took to it with shovel and barrow and within a very short time had the problem fixed, we are very lucky to have these young men working so well with Ernie.

14 June 2009

When a Blog is not a Blog

I must apologise to all those who have been following the Blog updates. You see this SOB
(silly old bugger), when down-loading from my camera to process to send to our Blog, hit the wrong button and Deleted the lot, I just had to upload a pic from my file, you must admit, this bloke has the best smile in the business. So after a few choice words, I decided to give you all an explanation, so there it is. So sorry, John.