30 July 2008

Photo Album

The KMS blog now has a photo album. This is a feature of blogger that aggregates all the photos included in the blog.

An excellent resource if searching for a relevant photo from the activities of the Kincumber Mens Shed. ... have a look a this public album.

Pumped Shedders

by the look of this photo Joe & Kevin have the pump working and proud of it ..

photo by John Connor

29 July 2008

Lathes multiplying

Jack Nixon has been doing quite a bit of work restoring, retuning, renovating, testing and operating the two new (old) lathes in the metal shed.

They sure look look spic and span these days ready for some real work and some lessons as well for those of us that need some tuitionPublish Post.

Thanks to Jack and those that have spent the time and love to get this equipment up to the standard for the Kincumber Mens Shed operationl

Winter worker

Philip is hard at work again on the Hospital Art stretcher frames.

That form of head protection has become important with the colder weather even in our newly lined shed. The open shed areas require some sensible winter clothing. There is always the option of huddling in the meeting room where the heater does a good job of warming those shedders who are feeling the cold.

27 July 2008

Traffic Stream

There is a constant stream of traffic between the woodwork and metalwork sheds these days. Activity going full on in each shed.

Alan Hagan is always ready to point out the way for those who might get lost along the way ...

Dusted off

Shedders are well known for the meticulous personal grooming. Here brushing down with the dustpan and broom.

Little did our shedder know that after that careful removal of wood shavings and sawdust ... .it would all have to be swept up from the floor anyway.

A timely reminder to clean up after you finish using each piece of equipment and remember to put tools back where they came from.

Lions Lecturn

Dave has come up with an innovative design for a mobile lecturn.

Using his skills as a modeller, Dave has constructed a scale model of the design to show its functional stability when assembled, easy disassembly for transport and the compact result that can easily be carried by one person and loaded in to a standard car.

Brilliant design Dave now we just need the to go ahead to assemble it, a couple of times over.

Where was it that you studied origami again?

14 July 2008

Lathe laughs

These two woodturners were way too happy, having fixed the drive belt on this renovated lathe. This lathe was hand built by an engineer and has its own idiosyncracies. Didn't take our shedders long to get it going, set it up for working and then keen to try it out begin some jobs ... and all in the one morning... Amazing!!

Its great to see some solid work mixed with some laughs and triumphs.

10 July 2008

Spinning Wheels

This is a most unusual photo from the collection of Alan Hagan. How often do you see so many hand-made spinning wheels all in a row.

This is a class of 12, "the dirty dozen" that learned to make spinning wheels. The teacher is seated in the middle of this photo in front of the spinnining wheel made by Alan.
photo by Alan Hagan 15 October 1991

Jim McDonald, Terry Flew, Ron McKenzie, Robert Mead, Chas McGinlay, Betty Grenfell, Bill Grenfell (seated), Bill Fulford, Doug Donaldson, Alice, Meryl Mead,

p.s. Alan was later offered $400 for that spinning wheel but tactfully declined the offer on the encouragement of his wife.

Gordons 15 mins of fame

Alan Hagan pointed out that one of the Kincumber Men's Shed member Gordon Taylor appeared in the Woodworker Magazine way back in August 2004.

Planning the Opening Day

UnitingCare Ageing have provided a Communications Consultant to assist in preparations for the Kincumber Men's Shed Grand Opening.

Samanatha Holt, from UnitingCare ageing met with Peter Jessop, John Connor and Kim Hopkins today to commence planning of the guest lists, protocols, decoration, catering and programme.

With a short time to the event, prompt and decisive action only will provide a Grand Opening that will reflect the importance of this event giving respect for the achievements of the those that have contributed to the development of this important facility.

09 July 2008

Toolbox scrum

It was good to welcome Alan Sparkes back from his travels up north.

This photo catches the usual scrum for coffee and tea at the start of toolbox meetings. Once again the meeting was standing room only.

The meeting was reminded of the need to wear safety gear, especially in the new Engineering Annex where metal particles can cause severe damage to eyes.

A safety video is being sought for induction and training of new members.

The group was also reminded that Kincumber Mens Shed have adopted the documentation, forms and practices developed by the Lane Cove Community Men's Shed for regulating access, training and accreditation for workshop machine access.

Framed Ceramic

Phillip has spent the morning cutting out a frame for this ceramic art tile. He was finishing off the gold frame with a special can of spray paint that meets his careful standards.

Phil glued the art ceramic into this gilded frame with glue this morning and in 24 hours will be all go to pass on to another satisfied customer.

Another job to be proud of in the Kincumber Mens Shed !!

Audio visual

The new TV and DVD/VHS player has already been put to good use... Thanks for the items from "the back of the truck" Mick....

already the KMS DVD slideshow has been used to entertain the troops and a session on the Ancient Kauri was showing when this photo was taken.

A great aid to group learning in the shed and the occasional contributions from "shedders".

Safety videos are on the list of showings for the near future ... along with some entertainment.

Alan's 50,000 year old wood

Alan Hagan was showing in video and and print the amazing recovery of 50,000 year old Kauri Pine, from the mud and peat of New Zealand's North Island.

Digging out the Kaurie wood

These trees preserved by the quality of the mud and carefully wrestled from the ground with earthmoving equipment and very large chain-saws has been turned, carved and shaped into the most amazing artifacts. There is even a staircase carved inside the trunk of a huge Kauri.

Alan has a piece of this oldest surviving wood, but refuses to put it into the lathe and turn it. It is just too precious to take that risk.

Alan also explained that the wood had to be treated with special oil to be allowed entry to Australia from New Zealand. In fact all wood items have to be treated for entry to Australia, so beware if you are transporting you prized items across borders.

Ernie's book

Ernie was showing the lads at the shed his prized possession received from his Auntie Alice on his 6th birthday. Thats about 77 years ago!!

Ernie was reflecting that the book of Bible Stories left a quite an imprint on his young person. A photo of David playing the Lute, a precursor to his interest in music that endures to this day.

There must have been a picture of the Garden of Eden that was the forerunner of the "Garden of Ernie" as well!!

07 July 2008

Two important dates

will hold its

Annual General Meeting


23 July 2008

at the "The Shed".

will hold its

Official Opening Ceremony

11 August 2008

11 am

parking available in Forest Reserve

Finished Products

Here are a couple of finished products. Its is always good to see things finished off after kicking about the shed for some time.

Oscar finally has a finished rocking horse all finished up and in working order.

There is also a pic here of the finished rocking chair... so is that rocking horse and rocking grandpa (apologies to Mick) ...

and then there is the Chocolate Wheel ... the makings of which were prepared with the very first wheel and have now been assembled, dressed up and ready for some spinnning and winning... and here is Wally Morrison handing over the completed project. Looks great with the colours and the numbers all spaced out ready to go......

....spinning and rocking what a dynamic place - the Kincumber Men's Shed.

photos courtesy John Connor

The Entrance Men's Shed (TEMS)

This artists impression shows The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre proposed development including Stages 2 and 3. This included The Entrance Men's Shed project.

In the drawing above, The Shed is located on the extreme right of the photo, a two tone shed in green at ground level and white above. The awning is clearly shown also. The shed is adjacent to the the car park and faces in towards the main activity square of the Neighbourhood Centre.

Carpet Corner

Carpeting the outside of the shed seemed a little silly. However, the carpet was being put in place as a weed barrier beneath a layer of gravel to finish off the rock garden at the southern end of the shed.

So many projects....
So many helpful ideas ....
Everything gets used !!

Ernies anvil

Who let Ernie out of the garden.!!
... does he have a license to use that hammer....

Ernie was making some metal stakes to hold the garden borders. and he did not make all that mess in the metal shed either

... its still a work in progress
... working towards that opening in August
So much to do ...
so little time ....!!!

Two lathes

Here are the two lathes set up in the engineering shed. Well one is being set up by Bob at this stage.

Notice that the metal lockers have moved from the lunch room to the engineering shed .. at least the safety equipment is near where its needed.

Careful Hands

Charles was not the only painter at work in the shed this morning. Frank was hard at the painting of wheels for the toys.

Everyone seemed to be head down working in the shed today. Plenty to do and many hands to make the tasks (and paint) fly.

This is one of my favourite photos from the shed ..
the intensity and concentration show through
and those careful hands are an artistic delight.

Golden Oldie

The paint job in the main shed has been dubbed the "Golden Oldie". Not because of the age of the painter or the advanced age of many of the members, but because the the shade is a touch yellower than that in the Metal Shop..

Can anyone explain how Charles can paint a whole wall like that and not get a drop on himself ... whenever I take up a brush or roller theres paint on everything that moves and everything that doesn't.

02 July 2008

Lathe Lifter

The guys at the Kincumber Men's Shed will not only find the equipment they need to fit out the shed they can also find ways to move heavy gear with the least effort.

Here you can see the lathe being offloaded and moved into the Engineering Annex. No strained backs here as the "bobcat" does all the heavy lifting and moving.

Photos taken by Alan Eaton