01 December 2006

KMS .. The Invitation

A laminated and wall mounted version of the original invitation for the men of Kincumber to join the shed.

This was prepared after the ground had been cleared and the slab poured but notionally before the Shed itself was erected.

A realistic vision for Kincumber Men's Shed

A realistic vision for Kincumber Men's Shed

December 2006

What has been achieved so far ?

  • Kincumber Uniting Church has provided land for the shed with initial power and toilet facilities
  • A concrete slab was poured on 24th November 2006 using a community funded donation
  • A community donation of $8,500 has ben given for half of the shed building to supply and erect
  • A meeting of 20 sufficiently concerned men was held early in November to discuss this plan and implement this important project

What are the current activities?

A steering committee of 6 has been appointed to co-oridnate planning, fund raisin, assessing OH&S Issues and to arrange opening February 2007

What will be the initial Function of the Kincumber Men's Shed?

Council's development determination consents to opening on 2 day per week for groups of 10 men wishing to support one another, to enjoy company of kindred spirits and acquire technical skills - in a workshop environment

What will be the activities down the track ?

  • To amend the development determination to have the Men's shed operating up to 6 days per week
  • To introduce shed use for marginalised youth (male) to develop handwork skills in the mentoring company of mature men
  • Ton introduce shed use for handicapped people teaching woodworking skills
  • To introduce shed use for indigenous marginalised male youth who would be helped by acquiring woodworking skills
  • To introduce shed use in Saturday for regular working men desiring knowledge of woodworking
  • To introduce shed use by ladies (exclusively) who wish to acquire skills associated with woodworking
  • To consult intensively regarding all of the above with Kincumber Men's Shed membership and community for potential introduction of any new activities

What will the future needs be?

  • To secure a paid part-time Co-ordinator to manage the intensive use envisaged above
  • To develop a pool of volunteer "teachers" for all groups of people using the shed: hobbyists, the marginalised young men, the handicapped, the indigenous marginalised young men, the regular working men and the ladies seeking to acquire woodworking skills

The most important thing is not necessarily having a shed but what goes on in the shed!