30 May 2007

Dave does doors

Dave Paton fixing the Personal Access door. .

The Personal Access door was not hanging correctly. Which isn't such a problem for your regular shedder who can wander in and out via the roller doors during a regular shed day.

However for those that access the site out of scheduled hours or who open the shed for the scheduled days, the proper functioning of the PA door will be welcomed.

Thanks Dave ... .
..is there anything you cant fix?

Wise men indeed

When I heard that the Y's Men (sounds like Wise Men) were coming to visit I looked around for the frankincense, myrrh and gold. I needen't have been concerned cause its not those "wise men" but local group, Y's Men. who assist younger men through skills and mentoring.

The local Y's Men is part of a larger organisation called Y's Men International, a service club in partnership with the YMCA.

Well let us wish them well with the programmes that they bring to the shed... wise men indeed to be doing such worthwhile work in the community.

Thats a pic of the Y's Men with our shedders
Wally Morison, Jim and Alan Sparkes

27 May 2007

Roma Day Care Kincumber

Acknowledging the donation of stackable chairs, lockers and wheelchairs donated by Roma Day Care.

Donations are important to the shed in this early development stage. These items will prove very useful in the everyday operation of the shed.

Thank you Roma Day Care Kincumber !!

19 May 2007

Men of the Shed Bridge the Social Divide

"The backyard shed has long been a sanctuary for the Aussie bloke, but a group of Central Coast men are now opening their roller doors to the world."

Express Advocate
19 May 2007

07 May 2007

Toolbox meeting

Tool box meetings are integral part of the management and networking at the shed. Everyone has an opportunity to speak up about issues at the shed. This might include development ideas for the shed, new projects, sources of funding, OH&S issues or just the chance to get to know one another over tea and coffee after the business for the day has been dealt with. 

Shed Men

Mick Clarke, Alan Sparkes and Wally Morison deep in conversation about the many projects that have to be progressed and completed.