30 January 2008

Key Cabinet

Doug took over the job of repairing the key cabinet for a local nursing home. Keys are kept in a secure cabinet behind glass for easy access by staff and quick identification of which keys are out or returned.

Doug with the finished cabinet.

26 January 2008

Woodworking Library

Now that the members have finished enclosing the dust free area of the shed our library of woodworking books are out on display in the meeting room. Not an extensive library but adequate as a reference for projects and D-I-Y skills.

All donations welcome.

16 January 2008

Bat lady

John Connor introduced the shed to micro-bats and now has brought in the Bat-Lady. She even brought the bat to show the chaps in the shed. She has such passion and dedication to the work she does with bats .. why wouldn't we call her the Bat-Lady.

Well the idea is to have the bats in the local environment or the backyard not the Kincumber Mens Shed... isn't that why we are building microbat roosts? Thank heavens we don't have a belfry on that church over there.

Always something new in the shed. Can't miss a day.

01 January 2008

Location, contacts and operating times

Kincumber Men's Shed

in the grounds of
Kincumber Uniting Church
Killuna Road
Kincumber NSW 2251


Shed Opening Times

8.30 am to 2pm




Peter Jessop

phone ... 4369 5707
mobile ...0412 223 363

Wally Morison

phone ... 4368 4242


The Shed

Every man loves a shed ! In fact, some men love them so much that they have two or three in their backyard. There are, however, other men who would love to have a shed to potter around in but have never had the opportunity to build or to own one. Sheds appeal to men for a variety of reasons as they provide
  • a place to store precious possessions (old things that they just might find a use for one day !)
  • a place to retreat to away from the pressure of work and responsibility and the world with all its sadness and tragedy being plaed out on the news day by day, or
  • a place where they can pursue hobbies.. build and repair things. There they can have a 'works in progress' and not have to clean up and put away in the process !
  • a place to talk to mates about anything and everthing !
  • a community workshop environment
  • Some young men have been fortunate enough to have the opporunity of standing close by their dad or grandad in "the shed" watched, or with some guidance, tried their hand at and eventually succeeded in learning some skills which have remained with them for a lifetime.