31 May 2009

A caravaner makes Bowls-discs

Roy, an avid Caravaner and a Bowler is making Bowls Discs for his next trip away in the caravan.

Friends make their monthly visit

KMS has visitors from Rain Tree Lodge on a Monday once a month.
The men enjoy this time with us.

KMS men at work.

This Pic shows what the KMS is all about. These three men are all doing their own thing on this bench while the chatter never stops. The social side is always constant.

Two men having a quiet chat!

John Robers of The Benevolent Society has a quiet word with Philip C during a quiet time during the big day of the handover of the Mobile Shed.

KMS thaks Wesley Mission for financial assistance

Alan H makes the Presentation of a Bowl he has turned to Darlung while Jack, also of Wesley Mission, looks on from behind and KMS own Peter J also looks on with a big smile. This was after KMS handed over the Mobile Men's Shed.

28 May 2009

Repairs to Mrs Roberts Skillet Handle

John R with the Skillet Handle that Jack N had the metal work to do, then Alan H took to the handle on his lathe for a buff up, then to Philip C for 2 coats of finish lacquer.
The expertise on hand in this Shed is truly amazing and in no time at all a job is finished and passed over with a handshake.

KMS Oldest Member on His Quad-bike

Frank N. KMS's oldest member normally has a lift to The Shed but today his lift had a Dental appointment so, Frank wheels out his scooter and off to the Shed. It's a round trip of about 10Km, not bad for a man in his ninety's.
Frank works on the toys The Shed makes for 'Aunties & Uncles on the Central Coast.

27 May 2009

New work in progress storage shelf

It was found that The Shed needed an area where members could store their work for a short time to free-up bench space for other members to use. So Mick drew up a plan and the material was costed and approved at a Tool Box meeting. The material was paid for and delivered, then Mick erected this shelf and is now in use. From go to wow it took just 10 days. When something needs doing, Mick is the one to do it.

KMS's youngest member Turns a Ball-point Pen

Dieter T, KMS's youngest member turns up a ball-point pen on the small lathe. He has been guided in the use of the wood turning lathe by Alan H. Dieter is now very competent in the use of these lathes.

Clarrie S makes a Bar-bender for KMS

Clarrie S saw a need for a bar bender in The Metal Workers Annex so, to work he went and made one. It is used by the Indian Myna trap makers in the manufacture of their traps. Nice one Clarrie.

Mobile Mens Shed has trial run around Kincumber

Kevin D checks the lights before Peter connects up and takes The Mobile Men's Shed for its first run as a finished project. He and Alan S went for a tour around Kincumber and reported back that it all went well and turned a lot of heads as it went by.
All goes well for the handover tomorrow 28 May at KMS.

22 May 2009

Mobile Mens Shed gets Signage

Philip and His offsider have now applied the signage to The Mobile Men's Shed ready for handover on Thursday 28th May 2009. The Manager for this Project was our resident Boilermaker, Alan S who, when asked, had no idea of the hours he put into this job. If you had seen this trailer before Alan took to it, you would not recognise it now. Great work Alan and all the Members thank you.

16 May 2009

To Turn a Bowl

Alan H had a few spare minutes the other day while I was away up north to see my older brother and have a look at how that piece of timber is starting to look. We will keep you posted as he has more time on this. You see he has 'Alan can you do this or can you do that' for me please all the time from other Members. We all always get his big smile no matter what or when. Thanks Alan. follow the story of this Bowl as we go.

04 May 2009

Cheese Board Repair

Here you can see Neville B concentrating on the Repair. A part of the bark edge was damaged and here he is using a chisel to remove the damage, he will then replace it with bark he has on the bench.
It will be then dressed and put to good use.

'ADF Cadets' training aids

These training aids have been constructed so that ADF Cadets can train in specialised drill as does the ADF Federation Guard. When they are completed, they will be kept in a secure facility, under lock and key, only being used under staff supervision for Ceremonial occasions , primarily Catafalque Party duties, or as otherwise required.
When completed these aids will be stained and not painted. This is not only to enhance the grains of their timber construction, but also to avoid any confusion with the type of equipment used by the Australian Federation Guard.
These training aids have been paid for and constructed by one of our members who is also an ADF Cadet instructer at Point Clare Training Depot. Great work Brad.

Lectern repair for the Uniting Church Kincumber

The Lectern had a small accident at Church one day so over to the SHED for a little TLC. Phillip C the Sheds 'Restorer' took to it with a little filler and sand paper, then a little colour to match and then 2 coats of top coat to finish off . Then back to the Church for the new Parish Minister to use at Sunday Services.
It really is a wonder what the men at this SHED can do.

Outboard Motor reconditioned back to A1

Kevin D, the KMS Sheds resident 'motor mower and bush cutter' repairer, found this old Sea Gull out board about 7 years ago on a Clean up Night as he was traveling down to the city one evening. 'Well' he said 'that looks alright' so, into the boot with much push and shove and then unloaded into his garage where it laid until he was told to clean up that garage of yours. He brought it to the SHED and on cleaning it up he found that it was a 1967 model and with a little TLC and an oil mixture of about 1/2 pint of oil to 1 gal of petrol. Would you believe it started 1st pull, it will be back home now with pride of place in the garage, great work Kevin.

Treasurer makes a Brushtailed Posum box

KMS Treasurer, Graham B, has all his office records up to date so, now we allow him into the workshop to do a little hands on work. He has a friend who has a possum as resident in her roof space. Here we see him on the table saw, cutting to size, then glued and screwed, hinged lid and with an entrance hole large enough for Mother and baby, now just waiting for a coat of paint, then up the tree near home. All he has to do is convince the possum one night not to go back into the roof and use the box. Good Luck!