25 December 2008

Merry Chirstmas

Les Verity claims that he had a few spare hours on Christmas Day so he came in to the shed and worked on this beautiful rocking horse.

Go on admit it Les, you just cant stay away from the place !!

24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

The Kincumber Men poured the missing concrete at the front of The Shed on Monday and added, also a pad for a small water tank for Ernie's Garden. This is the tank Doug & John picked up from a mate who donated it for free too.

The Shed took delivery today of a New Pedestal drill for The Metal workers, the old drill has now a blown electric motor.

Wishing you and yours all the best for Christmas and a Great New year.

15 December 2008

Aunties & Uncles KMS Christmas

Michelle Parrish of the Aunties & Uncles was on hand again this year to collect the toys for distrubution to families on the Central Coast in need of a helping hand.

These wooden toys have been handcrafted over the year by some of our most experienced grandfather Santas' Helpers and very professional toy makers.

Michelle told the assembled multitude at the shed this morning about Peter's market research on the small wooden houses. Having left them on Michelle's desk she kept a sharp eye out on the response of little people to their presence in her office.

Not only did young boys entering the office immediately eyeball the toys, they proceeded to engage in play even to the extent of taking the items home at the end of the visit. Alas, when Peter asked for the return of his samples, there were not to return.

Never one to see the darker side of events, Peter realised that Santa's toymakers were on a winner after all and gave the go ahead for mass production .... well to make a few more at the very least. With small wooden houses and churches it was like toyland in the shed for the last few weeks.

Santas Hall of Fame

Welcome Auntie Michelle.

Most three year olds these days are aware that there is more than one Santa, so I would like to tell you about the santas of Kincumber Mens shed.

You would not believe how many Santas &
workers it takes to produce the toys we have here today for your little nieces & nephews.

This is our production Team. ...

Design & conception. ..........Santa Don, Jack & Wally
Promotion & Market research. ........... Santa Peter
Painting wheels & bodies. ............. Santa Frank & Len
Painting & decor of Buildings. ............. Santa John.
Experimental painting of houses & other buildings. .........Santas Graham & Charles
Construction of special vehicle kits. ...............Santa Ian
Construction of houses & motor bodies. ......... Santa Graham
construction of Transport vehicles & Graders. .............Santa Jack
Special tools for use in construction. ........Santas Allan & Dave
Experimental vehicle construction.........Santa Allan
Display & photography.........Santa John
Internet blog & publicity........Santa Kim

Plus many helpers in an advisory capacity.

On behalf of all the Members of the Kincumber Mens Shed I would like to present these Toys to distribute at Xmas

Santa Don.

12 December 2008

Peninsula Community Men's Shed

The Peninsular Community Men's Shed opens once a week.

Peter Lemay, from this Ettalong based shed, advises that it is open on Monday mornings from 9 am to noon. A group 7-9 chaps attends to engage in tasks of their own choosing or community projects.

This Men's Shed is located behind the Ettalong Baptist Church on the corner of Mailand Bay Drive and Barrenjoey Road.

Contact Peter Lemay via the Ettalong Baptist Church by...

Phone 4343 1237


Mail .........

Ettalong Baptist Church
cnr Maitland Bay Drive & Barrenjoey Road,
PO Box 131,
Ettalong NSW 2257

display cabinet

The Kincumber Men's Shed meeting room now has a display cabinet on the wall next to the Project White Board.

Sure it will be filled with notices, awards and trophies before too long.


The chaps at the shed have been hard at work making toys for christmas. Most of these toys will end up in Christmas Hampers distributed locally on the Central Coast. They will be donated during the Christmas BBQ.

woodturners treasure

A large pile of wood appeared on the lawn outside the shed. A generous donation for the woodturners, this apparently excellent for their turning material.

Shed stationary

Alan Hagan was working on making little pieces of wood into Shed Stationery.

Yes, he was busily turning out pen sets on the lathe. Here is the setup ready to start the process and a finished one set behind for comparison.

Place of Reflection

Thats a pun... the "reflections" in the title... but seriously, these are two items that suggest a bit of reflection.

On the far left of this photo is the "Project Board" where current projects are listed along with the Project Driver. . . a good record of whats currently important as projects and the person taking responsibilty for planning, progressing and finishing each Project.

Then there is the empty cabinet. . . lets see if that fills up with trophies, certificates of appreciation and tokens of gratitude. . . the Future !!

11 December 2008

Bad Boys

Hoppa was hard at work on the school desk being restored at the shed for the local butcher. The desk is certainly looking much revived now and the lads Hoppa and Phil, decided to try out the bench seat.

Unfortunately, they must have played up that morning or were talking too much when they could have been working.

The punishment was six of the best from Headmaster Charles.

09 December 2008

Christmas BBQ

Kincumber Men's Shed invites members, their families and interested members of the local community to the Kincumber Men's Shed Christmas Party and BBQ.

Sausages and bread will be well supplied and tea & coffee will be abundant. To round out the nutrional value of our meal, members are encouraged to turn up with a plate of salad to supplement the meal or something sweet to round out the feast.

The members of Kincumber Men's Shed will again donate toys to the Aunties & Uncles annual Christmas hamper appeal.

Looking forward to seeing you there from 10 am on Monday, 15 December 2008.

Please RSVP by 12 December 2008
to assist with catering. . .

by phone ...
0412 223 363

or email ...


01 December 2008

Mobile Men's Shed

Peter Jessop and Alan Sparkes discussing the height and function of the new superstructure for the Mobile Men's Shed.

This model shed mounted on a trailer donated by Tom Van Dam will be used to promote the Central Coast and Hunter Mens Sheds throughout the region.

Blame Kevin

I can't quite remember why they were blaming Kevin 07 but Ernie and Peter were certain that he did it.

It is good to see such happy smiling faces around the shed ... I am sure they are up to good and no good at the same time !!

No curmudgeons in this shed!!

Shed art

Perhaps it will become a major new movement in modern Australian art the art that depicts what happens in "the shed".

Of perhaps it is reminiscent of the the soviet and eastern bloc art that celebrates the worker achievements and see the form for art in the industrial landscape.

It certainly lifts the mood and spirit of the meeting room at Kincumber Men's Shed to have this painting decorating the walls of the meeting room.

Poems and paintings on the walls .... now maybe we should change the name to the Kincumber Craft and Culture Centre ... hmm..

Ode to the "Shed" Men

Hospital Art Inc have provided a literary accolade to the Kincumber Men's Shed. This Ode to the "Shed" Men was penned by Denny Burcher. The framed poem now hangs above the office desk in the meeting room.

Our thanks to both Denny and Hospital Art Inc.