28 November 2007

Toymaker Jack

Jack Nixon has been making toys and teaching the other men at the shed how to cut them out, put them together and finish them off with a bit of brightly coloured paint.

Most of these toys were donated to the Aunties and Uncles programme here on the Central Coast and were included in Christmas parcels distributed around the area.  

19 November 2007

Enclosing room

This is the last toolbox meeting in the the breezy dust-ridden area.

As the photos shows, although held together by g-clamps at the time, the wall completing this end of the dust & wind proof room under the new mezzanine floor is well underway.

The need for an area to meet in free from noise and dust, wind and cold has been recognised for some time. Les Verity is doing a brilliant job of enclosing the inner end of the room. The outer portion of the room was eventually enclosed with sliding glass doors to allow natural light to enter and provide visibility of the entry door.

Shipping container arrives

Doug and Dave inspect the newly arrived shipping container. 

This container was modified for storage, painted to blend in with the site and now operates as the store room for materials.

16 November 2007

BBC story

Sheds are big news. Here is a story on the BBC about the Aussie Shed movement. [just click the title of the post for the full story]Shedders working at the North Sydney shed

13 November 2007

Horse invasion

There has been an invasion of horses to the Kincumber Men's Shed. For a while we were wondering if we need to get a pest eradication services in but most of them have found happy homes in locations around the local community.

There have been big horses, little horses, badly damaged horses, rocking horses, horses that you can pedal, toy horses, brand new horses and a myriad of colors white horses, blue horses, red horses, yellow and green horses.

There have been horses that rock back and forth and horses that race around tracks, wooden horses and metal horses. Horses of vintage years and horses that looked just fine after some tender ministrations by the skilled craftsmen of the Kincumber Men's Stable .. oops I meant Shed!!

If you have a horse that needs some tender loving care and would benefit from the skills of the the horse wranglers at Kincumber Men's Shed contact us by email, phone or drop in and show us the condition of your horse.

05 November 2007

Peter hits the lathe

Alan teaching Peter Jessop how to do his own wood-turning.  

Peter spends so much time administrating the shed, raising funds and networking. It was good to see him get a chance to do some "hands on" with the lathe.

01 November 2007

Our Lady of Loreto Gardens

Our Lady of Loreto Gardens asked The Shed to do a small project for their aged care facility.

On this occasion, residents of the facility were able to catch a glimpse of the men at work by maneuvering the bus up to the roller doors.

The Shed have also provided to Eira Steane, Activity Coordinator for the facility, a set of disc bowls and a quoit stand.

Delived to the facility just prior to the Melbourne Cup was a set of wooden horse heads on a stick, part of game for residents of the facility to enjoy the racing atmospheree on the famous November, Tuesday.

Wally Morison, Kim Hopkins & Eira Steane