26 September 2007

Gen-Y conversation

Some discussion in the Toolbox Meeting indicated that inter-generational communication presents a problem for members of the Kincumber Men's Shed.

Peter Jessop discussed the issue with Youth Connections who offered to invite some Generation-Y to the shed for a morning tea. The idea being that these Gen-Yers might be able to educate the older chaps on the thinking and issues that motivate and engage their generational(Y) cohort.

The men of The Shed spent an interesting and educational couple of hours over coffee and cake having their questions answered and learning new ways to understand the world from these very articulate (and patient) members of Gen-Y.

As identified at the 2007 Mens Shed Annual Conference, engaging older men in education needs to be done in innovative and relevant ways. Thanks to Peter, Youth Connections and our visitors for providing this opportunity for learning and growth among The Shed members.

21 September 2007

Banner frame

Ross, Alan Sparkes and Mick Clarke review the Gosford Shire council banner frame under construction in front of the Shed.

The partially completed clicker wheel project for East Gosford Lions Club can be seen inside the door also.

The finished banner frame in-situ on the corner of Frost Park shows just how large a project the Kincumber Mens's Shed team can take on.

19 September 2007

Shedders donate dolls house to Camp Breakaway

This doll-house was built at the Lane Cove Mens Shed and won by a member of Kincumber Men's Shed who promptly donated it to Camp Breakaway.

Camp Breakaway provides respite accommodation for children with physical disabilities. George, a volunteer at the camp, was happy to accept this donation for use in the camp or for inclusion in Christmas Hamper Raffle.

13 September 2007

Mens Shed 2007 visit to Manly Shed

Geoff Dunn and John Sharples of The Entrance Mens Shed (TEMS) perusing the equipment layout and projects at the Northern Beaches Community Men's Shed during the Mens Shed 2007 Annual Conference at Manly. 

Kevin Armstrong (TEMS Chairman) reviewing the layout and operation of the shed [left] in Berkley Street Manly.

This Shed is one of the UnitingCare ageing sheds on the Sydney North Shore.

Mens Shed 2007 Conference

The 2nd National Mens Shed Conference held over three days at Manly. The conference was attended by three sheds on the Central Coast.

Wally Morrison and Peter Jessop kept an eager eye out on important lectures and relevant workshops on behalf of the Kincumber Men's Shed.

John Sharples, Kevin Armstrong and Geoff Dunn of the "shedless", The Entrance Mens Shed (TEMS), took in all that they could about establishing a shed.

Kim Hopkins involved in both these ventures also covered events that were relevant to the emerging shed at San Remo.

Anthony Brown of the Men's Health Information Resource Centre (MHIRC) at UWS, walking the corridors of the Mens Shed 2007 conference.

12 September 2007

Rotary Chocolate Wheel

Dave Eaton and Alan Sparkes cutting out the Chocolate Wheel for the East Gosford Lions Club.

A special jog was constructed to allow the sheet to turn evenly under the band saw. Two wheels were prepared simultaneously. If there are any organisations looking for Chocolate Wheel for fundraising, give the Kincumber Shed a call on 0416 709 478.

10 September 2007

Uniting visit

The Shed was visited by Uniting Care aged today. They were intested to see the setup in the Kincumber Shed and learn of any information that could be of benefit in other sheds.

Garrie is also able to offer assistance in completing an OH&S audit for the Shed.

Wally Morison, Garrie Kidd (Uniting Care), Brian Howell & Dave from Wauchope Men's Shed.

07 September 2007

The Grenfell Shed

The Grenfell Shed is unique in having a railway carriage attached to it. Which may top our garden and shipping container.

There is some history of their shed here.

And they have a dynamic presence on myspace.

01 September 2007

Youth Connections

This group was celebrating the completion a term of Youth Connections finishing up their 8 weeks at the Shed.

Each was given a certificate to commemorate their successful time building projects and learning skills. This group has constructed a billy cart, some bird feeders and toys.

Youth Connections also commemmorated the event by giving The Shed a certificate or appreciation for the efforts of all involved.

a 'conduit of help'

Len Wallace awarded 'local hero' status for his work in the Cowra Men's Shed.