26 November 2006

First shedders on the slab

Wally Morison, Dave and Alan Sparkes in an historic photo out on the newly poured concrete slab for the Kincumber Men's Shed, in the grounds of the Kincumber Uniting Church.

Photo courtesy P. Jessop

25 November 2006

Slab Completion

Concrete slab for the foundation of the Kinumber Men's Shed was completed on 24 November 2006. 

Aerial view

Shortly after the slab was poured aerial photos of the site were taken for Google earth. So heres the site before the shed was erected to cover the slab. Click on the photo for a larger view or have a look at Google Earth at the coordinates for the Kincumber Men's Shed.

33° 28' 12.36 S / 151° S 23' 36.32 E

01 November 2006

KMS undeveloped site

This photo clearly shows the site for development of the shed.

In this Google Earth image of the Kincumber Men's Shed site there is no excavation or slab. The church grounds and parking ares can clearly be seen along with the existing maintenance shed along the rear boundary. Kincumber Mountain can be seen rising to the left of view and in the far distance the proximity of the Pacific Ocean can be seen as a deep blue line at the horizon.